Q1: Does 4UAD offer international shipping to overseas customers?

A1: Yes! We ship our products to overseas customers, shipping fee & customs will vary depending on your location.

Q1: 4UAD 能否為海外的顧客提供國際運送服務?

A1: 可以的! 我們可以將您訂購的商品寄送至海外區域, 運費和關稅將依您的位置另計.

Q2: What types of payment does 4UAD store accept?

A2: 4UAD store currently accepts Paypal, Visa and Mastercard.

Q2: 4UAD store 接受哪一些付款方式?

A2: 目前4UAD store接受Paypal, Visa 以及 Mastercard進行支付.

Q3: Does 4UAD accept exchanges?

A3: If the product is defective, we will replace the item at our expense. Please provide photos

 of the defective item within 2 weeks from the day of delivery, and return the item in the condition of which they were shipped so we can replace the item.

Q3: 4UAD 是否接受換貨?

A3: 如果您收到了瑕疵的產品, 我們會吸收來回寄送的費用並提供換貨. 請在收到商品後的兩周內提供瑕疵品的照片, 並且以送達時相同的狀態寄給我們進行更換.

Q4: How soon will my order be processed and how will I know if it has been received?

A4: You will receive a shipping notice e-mail upon placing your order. Orders are fulfilled Monday through Friday. Most orders ship within 2-3 days business days of being placed.

Q4:我的訂單受理需要多時間, 該如何知道我已經成功的下單?

A4: 當您成功下單後, 會收到一封電子郵件通知. 我們周一至周五會處理訂單. 大部分的訂單會在下單後2-3天工作日內寄出..

Q4: How can I track my order?

A4: When your package has been shipped, you will receive a confirmation e-mail which contains the tracking information.

Q4: 我如何能夠追蹤我的訂單?

A4: 在您的商品寄出後, 將會收到一封確認電子郵件. 其中會包含包裹的追蹤號碼以便查詢.

Q5: There is a problem with my shipment/my order never arrived - what should I do?

A5: If you experience any problems with your order, please contact customer service at info@4uadsmartairsoft.com

Q5: 我的訂單有問題 / 一直沒有收到我的商品, 我該怎麼做呢?

A5: 如果您在訂單上遇到任何的問題, 請至info@4uadsmartairsoft.com聯絡我們的客服.