$140.00 TWD

Permanent Thread Adhesive

Vibration is the worst enemy of fasteners. Every airsoft gun, including springers will vibrate under operation. Therefore, it is very important to utilize thread lockers on fasteners which retain critical components and expensive accessories! Upon curing, the 4UANTUM LOCK thread adhesive leaves a bonding material on your fastener thread so it won’t come loose over time. The click pen packaging conveniently dispenses a perfectly sized drop for most airsoft gun fasteners.

The red label indicates strong bond strength. In addition to standard hand tools, heat may be required for removal. Best suited for high stress fasteners or external fixtures which don’t require regular disassembly. Handling cure time: 30 minutes / Functional cure time: 3 hours / Full cure time: 24 hours


量子工業 高強度螺絲膠

震動是螺絲最大的敵人. 而每把氣槍, 包括手拉空氣槍, 在操作時都一定會產生振動. 因此在關鍵部位及昂貴的配件上使用螺絲固定劑至關重要! 4UANTUM LOCK 螺絲固定劑固化時會在螺牙上形成高接著力物質. 有效的防止螺絲隨著使用而意外鬆動. 方便的尾壓筆包裝僅須輕按一下就會擠出對應大多數氣槍螺絲剛好的劑量.

紅標包裝為高固定強度, 使用手工具拆卸時可能需要在局部適度加熱. 適用於不須經常拆卸且受力較高的螺絲或外部組件. 持拿固化時間:30 分鐘 / 有效固化時間:3小時 / 完全固化時間:24 小時


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