4UANTUM Friction Pro-High Performance GBB Bucking

$300.00 TWD

Designed to achieve ultimate consistency, the Friction Pro hop-up bucking focuses on creating a perfectly centered axis of spin in every shot. While based on a rather traditional single-point design, the unique contour of the contact patch generates enough friction to even lift heavy BBs up to 0.48 grams, while minimizing contact surface to ensure there’s no room for error. Resulting in a flat, consistent, and accurate trajectory! 


摩擦大師 Hop皮是為了貫徹最佳的穩定性而設計,專注於每次射擊時產生完美置中的旋轉軸。以相對傳統的單壓點設計為基礎,其接觸面的獨特
輪廓產生足夠的摩擦力,甚至可以有效的舉起重達 0.48 克的重型BB彈,同時最大限度地減少誤觸面積,以確保下壓點沒有錯位的空間。從而形成


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