$150.00 TWD

High Viscosity Airtight Sealant

This specially formulated sealant is ideal for fixing or preventing leakage from failing o-rings and rubber gaskets. The high viscosity compound ensures excellent adhesion to further enhance seal integrity. It’s rich silicone content also keeps rubber components supple for a longer service life. When applied in pressurized areas such as GBB magazines, 4UANTUM SEAL will penetrate and fill unevenness between valve seals to help the magazines hold a full charge over a longer time.


量子工業 氣密油膏筆

這款特殊配製的氣密膏非常適合維修或防止O 環和橡膠墊圈失效而導致的洩漏。高黏稠度配方確保出色的附著力, 能進一步增強密封完整性. 豐富的矽含量可以達到保養效果使橡膠零件保持柔軟, 進而延長使用壽命. 當使用於 GBB 彈匣等承受壓力的零件時, 4UANTUM SEAL 能滲透並填充氣閥O環之間的不平整處, 以利於彈匣更長久的維持充飽狀態.


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